NEUVYNE Store opens for our visitors – Over 50 Shopping under one roof

Welcome to the NEUVYNE Store where you’ll find a new experience for online shopping. Shop with confidence; buying directly from trusted brands who’s service and support is guaranteed.

NEUVYNE Store - Over 50 shopping under one roof

This is an unusual topic for a blog post on NEUVYNE Magazine; because it’s all about the magazine! To be precise, it’s about our newly launched NEUVYNE Store.

It might seem bold to dedicate a post to ourselves, but I’ve decided to go ahead and take up the advice and requests received from a number of our followers. Since launching the Store in early August, the response to the diversity of the range, the brands and products available and the unique shopping experience for an online store has been very positive. Because we’ve been encouraged to get the news about the Store out there so our target audience can be told about it directly, I’m writing this post now.

Firstly, though, a few words about NEUVYNE Magazine. NEUVYNE is an over 50 lifestyle magazine online. We provide well written, interesting, topical, informative, educational and entertaining articles for over 50, discerning, active, vital and savvy visitors.

We launched our first issue in May, 2017 with a number of articles in each of our categories: Your Career, Living & Style, Travel & Entertainment, Money & Advice, Health & Vigour, Friends & Dating and Store. We actively encourage readers to comment and welcome contributing authors. Use the CONTACT US link to enquire and ask questions.

“…we’ve been encouraged to get the news about the Store out there so our target audience can be told about it directly…”

NEUVYNE Store is different. While it offers some selected products that can be bought straight away, if focuses on presenting the full range of products from selected brands to our shoppers. We put a lot of time and effort into identifying brands that serve the interests of our over 50 readers. By establishing trading relationships with them, we can provide our visitors with links directly to their sites and special offers as they come up. The Store becomes an open channel through to top name brands, offers and deals for products and services that means something to our reader community.

At the time of writing, the Store presents over 160 brands in 14 departments and
55 sub-categories:

  • MENS

We’re continuing to establish our relationships too – bringing them to the Store as we do and they’ll be announced here as well.

NEUVYNE always wants to provide its visitors with what they’re looking for. So, if you can’t find a product or service you need, or simply think everyone could benefit from having access to a type of product, service or brand, use the CONTACT US link to tell us about it and we’ll do everything we can to bring them on board.

NEUVYNE Store is available through the Store item on the main menu of the site and individual departments can be reached from its dropdown list. We hope you enjoy the shopping experience, find little gems and great prices!

Again, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US with comments, suggestions and requests.

NEUVYNE Magazine – The over 50 magazine for your lifestyle.

NEUVYNE Store – Over 50 shopping under one roof.

See all the products and brand in NEUVYNE Store.

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NEUVYNE Magazine. The over 50 magazine for your lifestyle.


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