NEUVYNE Store. A New Experience for Online Shopping

NEUVYNE Store. A New Experience for Online Shopping

October 12 – NEUVYNE Store brings our carefully chosen affiliates together in one place, designed to give you access to the best available brands and products, across a department store wide range of categories. Shop with confidence, knowing you are buying directly from trusted brands who’s service and support is guaranteed.
HOME & GARDEN Shopping Category
Your home reflects the time, effort and money you have spent years putting into it. At the same time home and garden are organic; they need to evolve as you continue to evolve. NEUVYNE Store offers access to ideas not just products. Fresh, fun, fantasy; refresh, revitalise, revamp. Check it out!
RECREATION & LEISURE Shopping Category
We know that fifty is the new thirty. And how do new thirty’s like to spend leisure and recreation time? Well, everything from scuba diving to sunlounge surfing! So whether you know what you want to do or you want to explore some original ideas, NEUVYNE Store lets you book, equip, pack, explore, relax anywhere in the world.
TRAVEL Shopping Category
Remember leaky tents? Miles to the shower block? Queues for the loo? Ah, the halcyon days of youth! Now when we travel we want to travel in style and comfort. From booking to transport; from hotels to tours; our affiliates will meet all your needs.
HEALTH & WELLNESS Shopping Category
So now we are in the “best years of our lives”- let’s make sure we keep our minds and bodies at their peak so we can enjoy these years. From holistic to conventional treatments find out how you and your body can stay friends so that you can both continue to grow and explore in the “best” of health.
ENTERTAINMENT Shopping Category
Love to explore? Let others take care of the details. Our experts know the what, where, who, why of places to visit either at home or abroad. From tickets for shows, concerts and games to the best tourist sites around the world, our affiliates can meet all your needs.
BOOKS & LEARNING Shopping Category
Because NEUVYNE Store does NOT believe that brain power stops after 50, you are provided with choices for NEULEARNING – courses for fun and profit as well as the latest in new literature. Want to find the latest top lister book or the latest way it can be read? Want to finally learn that new language or discover exactly what you can do with an ipad? Want to discover your inner artist? Check it out!
FOOD & DRINK Shopping Category
Having made our way through the maze of what food is good for us and what is not good for us we now know we can use our own judgement when it comes to choosing, preparing and eating the best we can afford. For recipe ideas and boutique food; for the familiar and for the adventurous, it’s all there for the tasting.
FOOD & DRINK Shopping Category
Whether you plan gifts in advance or prefer the more spontaneous approach, we can meet your needs with gifts and flowers for all occasions and tastes. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, another special occasion or no occasion at all, we can supply what you demand!  
FINANCIALS Shopping Category
The range of financial issues of life these days includes a number that maybe weren’t as relevant, before over 50. Special, additional, ‘other’ considerations come into play. In the economy of these times, trusted, professional financial service providers have broadened their products and address needs for us.
SPORTS & FITNESS Shopping Category
Want to find a sports store that doesn’t require slimming just to go in? Our affiliates offer a range of sportswear and equipment for all ages and fitness levels. Both online and in-store delivery available, plus setup and instruction as needed.  
MEN Shopping Category
Men, we don’t want to look like a rapper, but neither do we want to look like a grandfather. Ageless style applies to over 50 and there’s every reason to take advantage of it. We’ve selected affiliates that understand this very well and feel sure you’ll find your casual, smart casual, formal or professional style with them.
WOMEN Shopping Category
Stylish. Classic. Elegant. Three words to describe fashion which doesn’t stop when you turn 50. If anything, the over 50s are the epitome of those words. Welcome to NEUVYNE Store’s collection. We have the epitome. Browse, enjoy, buy. It’s just waiting for you.  
ACCESSORIES Shopping Category
Accessories should always look unique. As if they were made for you only. Being over fifty doesn’t mean style needs to be “mumsy”. It needs to reflect your lifestyle, your vitality, you. Each of our affiliates offer well made, individual items at high street prices. Classy, elegant, affordable.  
BEAUTY Shopping Category
It has taken at least 50 years to get the face you have- individual and a reflection of your life and experience- so what is the best way to retain that unique look that is you? Our affiliates offer products, routines and accessories which will make the best YOU possible.  
NEUVYNE Store – A new experience for online shopping over 50. Check back with NEUVYNE Magazine and get involved by commenting frequently.

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