Listen up ladies, there’s a sexual paradox.

Just as you’re getting older and when – for some – sex may not be a priority, that is exactly when you need it most.

Better sexual health for your better life

Indeed, a recent study released this May suggests as many as six in 10 women – ages 55 to 65 – avoid sexual intimacy. Yet, sexual activity is good for a woman’s health – especially if she is entering into any of the menopausal phases of life – peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause.

If you don’t use it, you can lose it.”

“Sexual stimulation releases hormones that positively affect a woman’s overall health and well-being and keeps her vagina youthful,” says Dr. Mary Jane Minkin,-Ob/Gyn and author of-“The Yale Guide to Women’s Reproductive Health.” “The vagina, like any muscle found in the body, is best kept healthy with exercise.”

“Yet, sexual activity is good for a woman’s health – especially if she is entering into any of the menopausal phases of life”

The benefits of healthy sex

According to Dr.Minkin, the benefits of healthy sex are manifold, ranging from stress reduction and improved mood to protection of a woman’s reproductive and pelvic health. Some proof points: a study in “Biological Psychology”-shows the rush of hormones released from sex boosts mood, fosters feelings of closeness and helps manage stress for days.-Another study in the-“Journal of Sexual Medicine”-reveals that regular sexual stimulation is essential for positive sexual functioning – arousal, lubrication and avoidance of pain.

Sexual aids

“When a patient is not sexually active, I encourage her to consider a sexual aid like a vibrator to protect the pelvic floor by increasing blood flow to that area of her body,” says Dr. Minkin. “Vibrator use can help prevent certain conditions such as vaginal atrophy – vaginal dryness or a weakening of the muscle tone in the pelvic area that can lead to sexual dysfunction and painful sex.”

Dr. Minkin advises middle-aged or older women who are not getting enough sexual stimulation to try a vibrator like the Thrill by We-Vibe. It ensures regular blood flow to the pelvis, which is particularly important for women who are in the peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal stages of life.

What’s more, the use of a vibrator may help some women by increasing their desire for sexual stimulation.-The same study in May uncovered that 63 percent of women ages 55 to 65 shy away from sex because they are experiencing a loss of libido. -(BPT)

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