7 Common Problems for Sciatica and Back patients and 3 secrets to curing them

Self treatment of sciatica is possible. You can help yourself by following these 3 treatment categories

Sciatica. Self treatment is possible.

If you are suffering from sciatica or lower back pain, you know you are not alone. People who have never experienced the crippling effects from chronic sciatica… or a herniated disc… can never really understand what you are going through.

The good news in all of this is that there are things you can do right now to eliminate the pain, take control of your condition and put yourself on a long term, pro-active path to permanently rehabilitating your back.

This program worked for me over 17 years ago and has helped thousands of others as well. I think you’ll agree it’s a very logical, no nonsense approach once you understand the process. Whether you’ve recently hurt your back for the first time or you’ve been dealing with back problems for many years, the motivation is always the same.

To stop the pain and fix whatever is wrong with our backs… once and for all. If you are suffering from sciatica or lower back pain, I want you to know that you are in the right place… and I encourage you to continue reading.

“People who have never experienced the crippling effects from chronic sciatica… or a herniated disc… can never really understand what you are going through.”

7 Common Problems With Sciatica and Back Patients… Which Ones Have You Experienced?

  • Recurring episodes of acute back pain over the years
  • Repeated visits to your doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist with only temporary relief
  • Depressed because of the chronic pain and your altered lifestyle
  • Experienced weight gain or loss of fitness due to inactivity
  • Your doctors cannot reach a definitive diagnosis
  • Your doctors or therapists are giving you conflicting treatment options
  • You don’t have or you’ve lost insurance coverage for your back

Sound familiar? Statistically, we know that the experiences and symptoms listed above often go hand in hand with those suffering from sciatica and low back pain. Despite billions of dollars spent each year on back pain, more than 80% of these patients will have multiple recurring episodes during their life… which is why the following statement is so shocking…

“Doctor’s Own Records Prove That 8 Out Of 10 Back Patients Will Have Multiple Recurring Episodes In Their Lifetime”

This statement is backed up by the records of medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists own historical data. But we also know that back pain, especially sciatica… responds very well to self-treatment when the patient knows what to do. In fact, once you understand the pros and cons of professional treatment vs self-treatment you’ll be amazed at how statistically… through education and a 15 minute per day self-care strategy you can decrease your chances of a recurring episode dramatically.

How To Cure Your Back Pain… Use The Horton Method And Follow These Easy Step-By-Step Instructions…

The Horton Method is so effective because of its sequenced treatment schedule that deals with several underlying conditions at the same time in a very logical, structured approach.

To my knowledge, it is one of the first self-care programs in the world that combines holistic therapies, ancient chinese medicine, and physical therapy… with proven orthopedic techniques. – (Sciatica Self Treatment.com)

The 3 Secrets To Curing Sciatica and Low Back Pain

Most treatment programs approach dysfunctions of the back in a one dimensional way. In other words, a chiropractor may prescribe multiple adjustments over time… an orthopedic doctor might recommend surgery… and a physical therapist will treat back and sciatic pain with stretches and exercises.

The system taught in Sciatica Self Treatment is a multi-dimensional approach that logically identifies specific categories and treats each of them in an easy to follow scheduled sequence. When I refer to “The 3 Secrets”… I’m describing 3 treatment categories that must be addressed when treating any painful disorder of the spine.

1 – Inflammation:

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve and the surrounding soft tissue has to be reduced and eventually eliminated if we are to repair our back and stop the pain. In my book, you’ll be taught the important differences between pain relief and healing with OTC anti-inflammatory medications. I’ll share with you valuable information regarding blood levels of NSAIDs and what your options are. You’ll also learn a little known, but highly effective treatment combining ice with acupressure… along with several other anti-inflammatory procedures and therapies to choose from.

2 – Support and Stability:

Most disorders of the low back (excluding cancer and infection), are the result of a mechanical problem within the structure of the back. Much like a broken leg, the vertebrae of the lumbar and sacroiliac region must be stabilized and properly supported for any inflamed nerves, soft tissue, or skeletal components to heal. Not only does our spinal column need to be stabilized while healing, but support is also needed by gradually strengthening the muscles that surround the spine for a long term solution. How to immobilize, support and stabilize the spine during the healing process… as well as long term is critical to curing your back pain and avoiding recurring flare-ups.

3 – Alignment and Flexibility:

A large and complex group of soft tissues completely wrap our spinal structure. By crisscrossing and completely encasing the spine they provide support for the upper body and hold the body upright. Human beings were designed to move, and when soft tissue is subjected to extended periods of inactivity these tissues can shrink or become tight causing an asymmetrical imbalance on the skeletal structure it surrounds. Over time these imbalances in our muscles and ligaments can cause problems with the other components of our back. With this self-treatment system you’ll be taught how to correct alignment issues with an easy to follow, gentle stretching regimen. –(Starr Horton)

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