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Delivering premium quality to families worldwide since 1967


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Sheridan UK is a luxury brand and our customers love the premium products we consistently deliver.

Sheridan is known in Australia for providing the very best bedding and here in the UK, more and more people are pleasantly surprised every day as we overdeliver on sheer luxury and longevity.

Sheridan was founded in Australia by visionary entrepreneur Claudio Alcorso in 1967. As a boy working in the family textile printing business in Italy, Claudio acquired knowledge and a love of textiles. When he migrated to Australia, he brought with him an inherent understanding of the importance of quality as well as his passion for art and beauty. Claudio believed that beauty in art belonged to everyone, everywhere ? not just on gallery walls or in ornate gold frames. His vision was to ?introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life? and his down-to-earth, egalitarian way of thinking that was a perfect fit with the Australian spirit.

That?s a vision that still holds true for Sheridan today and guides us in everything we do. We?re known and loved in Australia and around the world for our beautifully designed, quality products to make life just that little bit more indulgent around the home ? be it bed linen for the bedroom, towels for the bathroom, table linens, loungewear or home accessories for all the other places in the home.


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