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Living & Style: 6 current Articles covering Ageing-in-place, Home Events, Our unique store, Super nutrients, ‘Mature’ eyeware, Tinnitus help

Living Style | "Ageing-in-place" upgrades that look great and make sense

“Aging in place” & “home improvement” don’t have to mean grab bars in the bathroom. Here are some upgrades that shout “fabulous” and not “fogey”.

Living Style | Protect your eyes from sunburn: How to pick sunglasses

Everyone wear sunglasses. Everyone wants to look good and glasses that do for you and protect your eyes at the same time are even more cool these days.

Living Style | Tinnitus help: New technologies offer hope for sufferers

There is no actual cure, but there are ways of lessening the impact of this dreadful condition on your lifestyle. Tinnitus? You need to read this.

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Living Style | Super Nutrients: These 5 will help you age well

Combining super nutrients with a healthy and well balanced diet will help you go on through with style. These are just the ticket.

Living Style | Everything You Need to Know About Special Events At Home

Throughout the history of the world, special events have created the same, yet unique collection of problems and issues. Your will be the same!

Living Style | NEUVYNE Store announcement

Welcome to the NEUVYNE Store where you’ll find a new experience for online shopping. Shop with confidence; buying directly from trusted brands who’s service and support is guaranteed.

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Safer flying strategies for travellers with peanut allergies
These natural precautions, taken almost automatically or as a matter of routine, can ensure a comfortable trips, at least as far as the allergy goes.

Taking the intimidation out of saving for retirement
Everything you can learn about saving for retirement has got to be useful. These considerations will hopefully help and contribute to your situation.

Five questions to ask before you tie the knot
Five practical questions will help you set a solid foundation in place for your financial future together – come rainy days and sunshine.

Five super nutrients that help you age well
Combining super nutrients with a healthy and well balanced diet will help you go on through with style. These are just the ticket

Don’t let these myths rain on you retirement party
hroughout history, these 5 myths about retirement have caused concerns, problems, confusion and frustration. Understand them to beat them.

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