Reaching deep into the over 50s market with quality products and services.

Our portfolio of digital, social and email communications will help you reach both existing and potential customers who are making buying decisions every day and deliver the response you need.

Who are NEUVYNE Magazine?

NEUVYNE Magazine is an online magazine and shopping experience for our target audience of discerning, active, vital and savvy males and female visitors over 50.

The problem being overcome is that the opportunity isn’t being served well now. So, we provide well written, informative, educational, entertaining, fun and unique articles, products and services in categories that appeal to our target audience.

NEUVYNE Store is an integral part of the Magazine. It offers a unique online shopping experience for the products and services of over 170 high street brands, carefully selected for their relevance and applicability to our target audience. At present the range includes 14 departments and 62 subcategories.

Our content and marketing strategy is designed and implemented to attract, convert, close and delight our readers.

And NEUVYNE’s connection with its audience is in situ, in real time & tactile, which can compete with Google Adwords & Facebook Ads for current page relevance & impact.


  • Launched in Q2, 2017
  • # Sessions improved by 108%
  • # Users improved by 132%
  • # Page views improved by 26%
  • Facebook Likes improved by 78%
  • Facebook Follow improved by 18%
  • Facebook CTR improved to 5.3%
  • 33% Male and 67% Female readers

    We offer a range of options including: Content Category Sponsorship, Store Department Sponsorship, Individual Banner, Individual MPU and Individual Combination.

    Contact us to discuss optons for your brand.


    Phone: 07453 161262

    NEUVYNE Magazine. The over 50 magazine for your lifestyle.


    NEUVYNE Magazine is the trading name of NEUVYNE Ltd
    Avebury House, St Peter Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8BN
    Registered Company Number 11115193

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